MATF Partners in Development played pivoting role in relief, early recovery, rehabilitation and community development work during flood and earthquake. We would like to put on record our appreciation of patrons and friends of MATF, individual philanthropists, National and International NGOs and Humanitarian organizations for their constant, moral, material, financial support and encouragements.

Their continuous support made us able to serve more thousands of people of Pakistan. MATF is greatly indebted to its Partners who munificently contributed for improving the living conditions of the community. We do hope that our shared efforts will bring about meaningful change in the living conditions of poor masses. To accomplish our aim to assist needy families, we are partner with Federal Government of Pakistan, US Aid, and local philanthropist, brief review are as under:

Federal Government

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

MATF has been providing administrative services to Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical centre (JPMC), Karachi for the last 17 years. At JPMC, The organization has developed an effective model of public-private partnership by sharing a huge administrative and cost burden of a government hospital. MATF is responsible for maintaining janitorial, electrical and civil works of the department building as well as supervising non-medical staff. MATF is also assisting JPMC in provision of supplies, equipment and medicine as when required.

National Epilepsy Centre

In 2007, MATF constructed the National Epilepsy Centre building at Jinnah postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). Moreover, NEC's drug bank is being supported by MATF by way of provision of first line antiepileptic drugs since March 2009. Approximately 1700 to 1800 patients are facilitated by NEC on monthly basis.

Advance Community Education School

Advance community Education school is a primary school situated in a lower income area near North Nazimabad, Karachi having two hundred students where deserving students are granted scholarships, free school books and uniforms. School staff is also employed from the same locality thus providing employment opportunities to the residents of the low income area. MATF has been paying rent of the building as well as monthly salaries of the entire staff.