Pakistan faces acute demographic and health challenges, political instability and severe gender inequalities have hampered achievements of key health indicators. In this perspective MATF was established with the goal of increasing access to health services and information, particularly among low-income families.

Alhamdulillah, MATF has completed eight years of its life, beginning in 2007 has now reached at 2015. It is a characteristic example of organization evolution and a case study for development professionals.

The journey of MATF started with a Primary project at JPMC which gradually transformed into an integrated community development model.

MATF has now expanded its span of work in health and education with well equipped offices. MATF has successfully applied public-private partnership modules at JPMC (Gynecology ward & Epilepsy centre) for the less privileged families and provide them financial relief with quality services.

MATF mission is to develop health and education solutions for the poor, we believe that more similar modules will be apparent shortly that include health programs as well as programs in infrastructure.

We are very optimistic that true and continual efforts of MATF will beautify Pakistan with healthy, educated, well-off and balanced society. We appeal to all concerns to make their contribution in terms of time, money and efforts to bring this vision come true.

Ahmed Tabba