welcome to MATF

MATF (Mariam Ali Mohammad Tabba Foundation) is a non-profit organization, based in Karachi, Pakistan, was founded in 2007, comprising of professionals volunteers (Doctors, Social workers, industrialist), for carrying out Philanthropic work for benefit of the underprivileged people. The organization is registered under section 42 of the Companies ordinance 1984.

The ultimate aim of MATF is to setup, maintain and administer hospitals, nursing home, mother & child care centers, places of medical aid, family planning centers, radio therapy centre, pathological and clinical laboratories, blood bank, eye banks or other allied to provide better health services to the needy masses of the country.


To develop a society in which, individuals are responsive of the fundamental right and are provided with equal opportunities to access health and educational facilities, to be an organization of proficient professionals, passionate about improving the lives of people of Pakistan.


To improve the quality of life of the needy people, by providing health care solutions, education and financial support

Move towards larger alliance with international institutions to expand the scope of health and educational support.

Endeavor all needed families have:

Economic security

Access to affordable and quality health care services

Healthy environments with access to education

Social acceptance.


MATF Partners in Development played pivoting role in relief, early recovery, rehabilitation and community development work during flood and earthquake. We would like to put on record our appreciation of patrons and friends of MATF, individual philanthropists, National and International NGOs and Humanitarian organizations for their constant, moral, material, financial support and encouragements.


We started with a maternal and new born mortality reduction program using Government owned hospitals, this module has been implemented and will be replicated and scaled with speed, in this context construction of first and 2nd floor at National Epilepsy centre at JPMC is in progress to facilitate more patients. We also aimed at establishing and maintaining subsidized educational institution for promoting literacy in Pakistan.